One of my favorite authors, Dr. Doreen Virtue, clairvoyant metafizyczka, having many years of experience of psychotherapy and a PhD in psychology, wrote in his book important words, under which I would love to sign:

“Having previously psychotherapist, I discovered that talking with their guardian angels is the fastest way to achieve peace and happiness. Their healing abilities exceed all invented by human therapy methods, which I learned in all my time teaching at the university and clinical practice.”

This message, in that, and I deeply believe. Angels are not only Love, Good and Faith – it is also healing.

In my life Angels occupy a special place. For me they are the Light, they support and are something more: the hope that our prayers, sighs and dreams of spirituality find the meaning. I write often, I believe in angels, but according to the definition in my relation to the angels there is no faith at all – it is confidence, love and knowledge, because they are One for me so obvious, like a tree growing outside the window. Since when is given to me to feel the different energies, receive their presence, the issue of contact and commune with angels ceased to be considered as a faith or not. It’s more experience. At the beginning I learned to recognize what is manifested by, what kind of energy as it manifests what he wants – if at all he wants something. Then for years I learned to work first with the lower energies – because it is of course difficult – and then with the Angels. Today, I know, when they appear … I verified your knowledge with others that have similar or quite different gift receipt of invisible energy. It certainly greatly helps to work with the Angels.

Contact with the Angels for me is obvious and natural. Since I had never been using any complicated rituals, and only prayed the simplest child prayers – remained so to this day. It works just like any form of contact work, which man invents himself. I always say that just from the heart fervently ask for help or answers. Nothing more need … Though perhaps not always understand all the messages, usually I know when I should ask a question. In my room there is an altar with the Angels, where I can symbolically light a candle to ask some of your hard question or put the card chosen today to meditate …

Constantly amazes me spreading angelic cards. Every time cards show everything so well that it is impossible to compare this distribution with anything else. It is also in these distributions spiritual message and an element of good advice. Cards show what can be done to better realize their life on earth. This is a view from a different level at which most ordinary fairy becomes a real psychologist 🙂 Relevance selection of cards is surprising, even when only one draw – unmistakably defines the crux of our problem. I work most of the cards Ambika Wauters, cards Doreen Virtue “Healing with the Angels” and the card Stewart Pearce. All of these decks are magical, energy, and their use causes immediate manifestation of the Angels. Although, of course, angels always appear where they want and when they want … 🙂

I prepared to read a few chapters about angels. This is what they came up with people, and what we know from the messages. It is not the most important, what really is the truth … The truth is relative. In my opinion Angels are Beings of Light Woven. They can take any form. If someone believes that they have a human form, wings, halo – so see them …