Meet your angel

Meet the angel
When you make the conscious choice to work with your angels, they give you signs like numbers and feathers to let you know you are on the right path or to guide you. They offer you subtle signs, hints, and messages to show the way and let you know they are with you. These signs are usually repetitive, out of the ordinary, personally meaningful co-incidents, abnormal or unexpected.
They also give us signs of impending danger or warnings when we need to pay better attention to what is going on around us.
When you encounter a warning sign, don’t worry. Stop what you are doing or take heed of the warning.
The angels will also send you warning signs and messages when you have been ignoring the subtle signs you have been asking to receive. If the message isn’t getting through, and you keep asking, they will try to deliver it in different ways. If you have asked your angels for a sign and feel you are not getting one, try to ask for it to come in a way that you can understand right now and they will keep trying.
Here are five warning signs your angels can use to communicate with you.
Hearing Disembodied Voices
Everyone always says they want to hear a loud booming voice from their angels telling them to go this way, do that, or don’t do that. Usually a loud disembodied voice is a warning sign from your angels that something is about to happen that you want to be aware of and usually not because it something good like ‘buy a lotto ticket’. It is usually a warning of something you want to avoid.
Here is a story from one of my readers:
“I remember one of the first times I heard a booming voice, I was driving through town when I was a teenager with one of my friends when I heard a message to beware of danger. I told my friend to put on her seat belt. Thankfully she listened as just then a car ran the light in front of us and I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting them. Had she or I not listened to the warning, the outcome of that day would have been entirely different.
Sometimes disembodied voices carry messages of love. One of my clients who spent many years in palliative care and geriatrics shared, “As a nurse I often had the opportunity to be with people at the end of their life. The first time I heard a loud voice thank me after I held them as they crossed over scared me, but I learned that it is a common occurrence when you help them through the process.“
Dreams or Premonitions
One of the easiest ways for our angels to communicate with us is through our dreams. We are usually more open to the messages from spirit when the human ego is asleep.
Dreaming of an event prior to it happening – such as an automobile or plane crash, or having a strong premonition that something “bad” is going to happen can be disconcerting if not downright frightening. Premonitions can also cause anxiety due to the strong inner knowing that you may be in danger if you do, or don’t, do something.
Many survivors of airplane crashes report having had nightmares a few weeks prior to their flights.
The best thing to do whenever you have such an emotionally charged dream or premonition is to pay attention to it. This is another common early warning sign from God and the angels. Go within and ask the questions, ask for clarity to the feeling and then act from there.
Dreams and premonitions are meant to help you sort out your thoughts and feelings and then decide what actions to take, not to govern your life.
That Uncomfortable Feeling in the Pit of Your Stomach
This area of your body is where your solar plexus is. This energy centre is most tuned to the mental world and is often the area where signs of warning originate. This area is particularly sensitive and your angels will send you a sensation to this area to let you know that something isn’t quite right. This can feel like nausea, tightening, butterflies, and even discomfort. Don’t ignore these feelings. Pay attention to what is happening as soon as any of these occur. For example, if you feel nauseated every time you are around a certain person, that is a sign that something is off and you need to be aware and act accordingly (like avoiding being alone with this person). This could range from a queasy feeling in your stomach to a general ‘creeped out’ feeling. Immediately stop and ask your spiritual team for additional protection, as well as shielding yourself in love and light. Ask your angels to help you to understand the feeling so that you can act accordingly and stay safe at all times.
These types of warnings are meant to help you, not to scare you. There is no need to feel unsafe when you know your angels are always there to let you know when things are off and to pay attention.
Strange Delays or Mechanical Failures
Unexplainable mechanical failures are one of the most common warning signs that the angels use to get your attention. Remarkably enough, once you are out of harm’s way the mechanical issue often magically disappears or a human angel arrives with a quick fix to get you on your way when the time is right.
The Angels used delay tactics to slow you down and get your attention. Auto accidents slowing down your commute to work, school, or other destinations while frustrating are often there to teach you something or avoid a situation you would otherwise find yourself in were you on time. A bus or train that is off schedule, canceled flights, and sudden inclement weather are other strange delays that can be meaningful warnings from your angels.
Don’t let yourself get caught up in a bad situation or delay and ruin the rest of your day. Use these signs or events to relax and look for the deeper meaning, there always is one. Think of them as opportunities to take the time to make things better since you can’t change them anyway.
Sudden Illnesses or Ominous Warnings From Others
There were several accounts from families of 9/11 victim’s stating that their loved ones woke up with sudden illnesses and ignored them. One account mentions a man who woke up with an extreme case of vertigo. Being a rather healthy male he ignored his symptoms and decided to go to work anyway despite his wife’s plea to stay home and rest. Similar stories have been documented by individuals who missed worked that day after waking up not feeling well, so chose to stay home from work and survived while their co-workers did not.
The Angels often use other people to warn you of possible dangers; whether they are friends and family, or strangers, these messages have a meaning that makes you stop and listen. Someone discourages you from taking a certain route. Someone presents you with misgivings about your new boyfriend or girlfriend. Take this as a sign to look deeper. You do not always need to stop seeing that person, but know there is a reason to pause and consider the bigger picture.
When you get a warning sign from your angels dont’t freak out! Stop and take heed. It is truly a gift from the angels. If it is a message of imminent danger, act quickly. If it is a feeling, stop what you are doing and take a deeper look. Your angels don’t want to confuse you or make life difficult, they are here to support you and help you find a better way.
Warning signs are meant to alert you. With present moment awareness you can notice the subtle cues as well as the big warning signs from your angels to help steer you out of harm’s way and keep you heading in the best and safest direction for you.

Essential Oils And Archangels

Essential Oils And Archangels

Essential Oils And ArchangelsUsing essential oils to connect with angels and Archangels is a powerful means of healing the body and soul, mind and spirit. We are able to use essential oils and Archangels to address a myriad of issues and problems in our lives.

Essential oils are extremely complex, and on average most essential oils contain over 100 components including aldehydes, alcohols, esters, ketones, phenols and terpenes. When you combine two or more essential oils together a new compound is created.

Certain problems or issues respond to numerous different essential oils and Archangels. Several essential oils and Archangels are able to perform more than one function. It is possible to use a pendulum to dowse to discover which oil or oils are most appropriate or your current issue or problem.

When using essential oils for meditation, dream work or divination, always use the same essential oil each time as this will send signals to your subconscious mind that you are ready to enter an altered state of awareness.

Essential Oils and Archangels:

ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL (Camael, Camiel, Camiul, Camniel, Cancel, Jahoel, Kemuel, Khamael, Seraphiel, Shemuel)

Archangel Chamuel’s name means ‘he who sees God’ or ‘he who seeks God’. Archangel Chamuel is a ‘protector’ who oversees the protection of the world at large, as well as over our individual lives.

Archangel Chamuel assists us when we seek the important parts of our lives such as relationships with friends, loved ones and others, and our careers and work colleagues. Archangel Chamuel helps us to resolve, heal and strengthen all of our relationships and assists with connecting us to our ‘inner child’. Archangel Chamuel helps us to build strong foundations in our lives and assists us with our life purpose or soul mission.

Archangel Chamuel also assists us to heal from past abuse, abandonment and/or neglect.

Essential oils to invoke assistance from Archangel Chamuel are:

Benzoin – Chamomile – Frankincense – Geranium – Hyacinth – Lavender – Mandarin – Melissa – Neroli – Rose

To open and heal the Heart Chakra and to invoke Archangel Chamuel’s assistance with love, joy and happy relationships, the following essential oils can be used:

Cinnamon – Clove – Coriander – Jasmine – Linden Blossom – Mimosa – Myrtle – Orange – Palmarosa – Rose – Vanilla – Yarrow – Ylang Ylang

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL ( Abruel, Jibril, iburili, Serafila)

Archangel Gabriel’s name means ‘God is my strength’. Archangel Gabriel is a ‘messenger’ angel, and she assists ‘human messengers’ and parents. She helps those whose life purpose involves the arts and communication, and those who deliver spiritual messages. Archangel Gabriel is also the angel of motivation and positive action.

Essential oils to use to summon assistance from Archangel Gabriel are:

Angelica seed – Anise Star – Basil – Bay – Benzoin – Cinnamon – Clary Sage – Coriander – Dill seed – Elemi – Immortelle – Lemon Verbena – Linden Blossom – Melissa – Mimosa – Myrrh – Narcissus – Neroli – Ravensara – Rose – Spearmint

ARCHANGEL HANIEL (Anael, Aniel, Hamiel, Onoel)

Archangel Haniel’s name means ‘glory of God’ or ‘grace of God’. Archangel Haniel helps us will ancient natural healing remedies and techniques, and helps us to enjoy harmony, beauty and more grace in our lives. Archangel Haniel helps us to stay centred and focused during our most important life events.

Archangel Haniel helps us to form lasting bonds, assists with angelic inspiration and enhances all communication skills by purifying the Throat Chakra.

Essential oils to use to summon assistance from Archangel Haniel are:

BAY – Carnation – Chamomile – Grapefruit – Lemon – Linden Blossom – Myrrh – Neroli – Orange – Rose – Sandalwood – Tangerine

ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL (Iofiel, Iophiel, Jofiel, Zophiel)

Archangel Jophiel’s name means ‘beauty of God’, and she is known as the ‘Patron of Artists’.

Archangel Jophiel is the angel of beauty and art. She assists us on the physical and metaphysical levels, and helps us to see and appreciate the beauty around us. Archangel Jophiel helps us to manifest and create beauty and harmony in our daily lives.

Archangel Jophiel aids with loneliness, grief, melancholy and depression and brings forth the energies of illumination and joy.

Essential oils to use to cleanse the body and soul, mind and spirit, and to invoke Archangel Jophiel are:

Benzoin – Bergamot – Chamomile – Helichrysum – Lemon – Narcissus – Neroli

For assistance with balancing, centring, restoring inner-light and harmony from Archangel Jophiel, use the following essential oils:

Amyris – Cedarwood – Geranium – Grapefruit – Lavender – Lemon – Mandarin – Orange – Rosewood – Ylang Ylang

For assistance from Archangel Jophiel to aid focus of intent, concentration, mental clarity and memory enhancement, use the following essential oils:

Basil – Cajeput – Cedarwood – Frankincense – Juniper – Mandarin – Neroli – Oak Moss – Orange – Palmarosa – Rosemary – Spearmint – Sweet Fennel – Tea-tree

To invoke the assistance of Archangel Jophiel in matters of self-confidence, self-esteem, personal creativity and self-expression, use the following essential oils:

Basil – Bergamot – Chamomile – Grapefruit – Jasmine – Lemon – Lime – Litsea – Cubeba – Mandarin – Orange – Rosemary – Ylang Ylang

To clear blocks within the Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, and manifest prosperity with the aid of Archangel Jophiel, use the following essential oils:

Cinnamon – Clove – Coriander – Jasmine – Linden Blossom – Mimosa – Myrtle – Orange – Palmarosa – Rose – Vanilla – Yarrow – Ylang Ylang

ARCHANGEL METATRON (Metatetron, Merraton, Metaroan, Mittron)

Archangel Metatron’s name means ‘of God’. The term ‘angel’ means ‘messenger of God’, therefore it is assumed that Archangel Metatron’s name implies ‘messenger of God’.

Archangel Metatron functions as an intermediary between Heaven and Earth, and helps us to understand and work with the angelic realm.

Archangel Metatron motivates and encourages us to overcome procrastination and motivates us to move forward in our lives. Archangel Metatron assists souls to ascend to the heavenly realms.

Essential oils to use to invoke Archangel Metatron are:

Benzoin – Cedarwood – Chamomile – Cypress – Frankincense – Geranium – Jasmine – Juniper – Lavender – Linden Blossom – Mandarin – Neroli – Patchouli – Rose – Sandalwood – Vetiver

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL (Beshter, Mikail, Sabbathiel, Saint Michael)

Archangel Michael’s name means ‘he who is like God’.

Archangel Michael’s functions are to oversee Lightworker’s life purpose and to rid all toxins associated with fear. He also assists with bravery and heroic deeds.

Archangel Michael guides and directs people who feel unsure of their life purpose or soul mission, and provides guidance in regards to which positive steps to take.

Archangel Michael inspires leaders, bolsters courage, gives direction, energy and vitality, offers protection and motivation, and increases self-worth and self-esteem.

The essential oils to use for protection, security, safety, empowerment, releasing fears and overcoming obstacles with Archangel Michael are:

Anise Star – Aniseed – Black Pepper – Cajeput – Carnation – Clary Sage – Clove – Cumin – Elemi – Frankincense – Galbanum – Geranium – Ginger – Hyssop – Juniper – Lavender – Lime – Melissa – Mimosa – Myrrh – Niaouli – Oak moss – Palmarosa – Pimento Berry – Pine – Rosemary – Sage – Sweet Fennel – Tea-tree – Thyme – Valerian – Violet – Yarrow

To banish negativity and dispel phobias, apprehension and anxiety with the help of Archangel Michael, use one of the following essential oils:

Bergamot – Camphor – Chamomile – Eucalyptus – Hyssop – Lavender – Lime – Mandarin – Neroli – Peppermint – Rose – Sage – Sandalwood – Sweet Marjoram – Ylang Ylang


The name ‘Raphael’ means ‘God heals’, derived from the Hebrew word ‘rapha’ meaning ‘healer’.

Archangel Raphael is the angel of ‘healing’ and also the ‘patron of travellers’. He overseas physical travel as well as inward, spiritual journeys, assisting with the search for guidance and truth. Archangel Raphael guides human healers to know which treatments to use with their patients. Raphael is also a guide and healer for both wild and domestic animals.

Essential oils to use to open the Heart Chakra and invoke rejuvenation, regeneration, renewal and healing with Archangel Raphael are:

Carnation – Chamomile – Clove – Juniper – Lavender – Lemon – Mimosa – Neroli – Palmarosa – Pimento Berry – Pine – Rose – Sandalwood – Spearmint – Thyme

ARCHANGEL RAZIEL (Ratziel, Saraqael, Suriel)

Archangel Ratziel’s name means ‘secrets of God) and he knows all the secrets of the Universe.

Archangel Ratziel helps with the understanding of esoteric knowledge and higher wisdom. He also helps us to open up to higher levels of psychic abilities and assists with manifesting.

Essential oils to use to open the Third Eye Chakra in order to reveal the secrets of the Universe with Archangel Raziel’s assistance are:

Bay – Benzoin – Carrot seed – Cinnamon – Galbanum – Jasmine – Lemon Verbena – Lime – Mimosa – Myrrh – Narcissus – Neroli – Rose – Rosewood – Sage – Sandalwood – Tuberose

Essential oils to use for help from Archangel Raziel in order to easily access higher guidance, hone in intuitive and divinatory abilities and enhance spiritual awareness, use:

Angelica seed – bay – Benzoin – Carrot seed – Cinnamon – Clary Sage – Clove Bud – Frankincense – Galbanum – Lemon Verbena – Linden Blossom – Mimosa – Myrrh – Narcissus – Peppermint – Rosewood – Sage – Sandalwood – Tuberose


Archangel Uriel’s name means ‘God is light’ or God’s light). He is able to shed illumination upon situations, and gives prophetic warnings, intellectual information, creative insights and practical solution.

Archangel Uriel has an affinity with the elements of weather and helps us with Earth changes such as floods, thunder and lightning, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes and tornedos and natural disasters. Archangel Uriel can be called upon to avert these events and/or to heal and recover from their aftermath.

Essential oils to use to invoke Archangel Uriel’s help to restore inner-peace, soul harmony and healing, use:

Carnation – Chamomile – Hyacinth – Lavender – Mandarin – Melissa – Myrtle – Neroli – Pettigrain – Rose – Sandalwood

Essential oils to use to stimulate the Base Chakra and to invoke Archangel Uriel’s assistance with personal courage, endurance, strength and stamina, the overcoming of panic attacks, irrational fears and paranoia are:

Basil – Black Pepper – Carnation – Clove – Frankincense – Ginger – Grapefruit – Ravensara – Sweet Fennel – Sweet Marjoram – Thyme – Yarrow

ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL (Satqiel, Tzadkiel, Zadakiel, Zidekiel, Tzaphkiel)

Archangel Zadkiel’s name means ‘the righteousness of God’, and he is the archangel of ‘mercy’ and ‘benevolence’. Archangel Zadkiel assists with letting go of judgement and unforgiveness, and helps with compassion and mercy towards others and ourselves. Archangel Zadkiel is also known to assist memory retention and functions and study.

Essential oils to use to open the Crown and Third Eye Chakras and to invoke divine spiritual wisdom, understanding, compassion and mercy from Archangel Zadkiel are:

Benzoin – Carrot seed – Chamomile – Clary Sage – Cypress – Frankincense – Lavender – Linden Blossom – Myrrh – Rosemary – Rosewood – Sage – Sandalwood – Violet Leaf

Archangel Zadkiel assists with purification, aura-cleansing, space clearing and transmuting negative energies into positive. Archangel Zadkiel is the ‘keeper of the Violet Flame’ and he helps us to release negative feelings of anger, hatred, resentment and bitterness.

Essential oils to use to invoke Archangel Zadkiel’s assistance are:

Basil – Bay – Cajeput – Camphor – Cedarwood – Citronella – Clary Sage – Cypress – Eucalyptus – Frankincense – Galbanum – Hyssop – Juniper – Lavender – Lemon – Lemon Grass – Lemon Lime – Melissa – Mimosa – Myrrh – Neroli – Niaouli – Peppermint – Pine – Rosemary – Rose – Sage – Sandalwood – Spearmint – Thyme – Valerian – Verbena

Archangel Zadkiel assists with the consecration of sacred objects and for creating a sacred space for dream work, meditation and ritual.

Essential oils to use to invoke this kind of assistance from Archangel Zadkiel are:

Anise Star – Basil – Cedarwood – Frankincense – Hyssop – Lavender – Lemon – Pine – Rosemary – Sage – Sweet Fennel – Verbena

When we combine essential oils and Archangels we are able to invoke assistance and guidance whenever we need it, healing our body and soul, mind and spirit in a pleasant and uplifting way.


The Eighth Choir – The Archangels, The seven angels that stood before God in Revelations are considered
to be the Archangels. Although it is agreed that there were seven Archangels, there has been some debate on who
the seven were. Most accounts name, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, the remaining three are generally chosen
from Metatron, Remiel, Sariel, Anael, Raguel and Raziel. The Archangels were the divine messengers between
the humans and God. Of the nine choirs the Archangels are probably best known to us. They are the battlers
of the Sons of Darkness.

Angels were created as messengers of God.
The Scriptures reveal that God created nine orders of angels:
Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominations, Principalities, Powers, Virtues, Archangels, and Angels.
Out of this order come the familiar seven Archangels which include
Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Sariel, and the fallen Lucifer.

Lucifer, whose ambitions were a distortion of God’s plan, is known to us through the various religious teachings
as the fallen angel, with the use of many names, among which are Satan, Belial, Beelzebub and the Devil.
Because of the variety of teachings, we have come to ‘untruth’ when it comes to this most beautiful of angels
whose name means ‘ Light’ .

“Where’s my soul mate?” “When will I get married?” and “Is he/she the one for me?” are questions I’m often asked. I love giving angel readings on this topic, as I’m a true romantic myself.

When I give a reading about love and relationships, I connect with the “Romance Angels,” a group of cherubic angels who are focused upon all things love related. Anyone can call upon these beings, and they’re able to help unlimited numbers of people simultaneously.

Romance makes us feel youthful, energized, and alive! It combines playfulness and excitement with a sense of having our hearts fully awakened and open. It’s one of the greatest highs in the world!

That’s why I’m so happy about the release of my Romance Angels Oracle Cards. While each of my other oracle decks contained one or two relationship-oriented cards, I’ve always wanted to have an entire deck devoted to the topic.

While using these cards, you’ll work with the Romance Angels. Their voices are sweet, slightly high-pitched, and calm. They tend to speak in unison, in a melodious, multipart-harmony way, which you’ll hear within your mind. You’ll also feel their presence as a warm, playful excitement within and around your heart. They’ll make you giddy!

Additionally, you can call upon these 5 archangels whose specialties are related to romantic love.

Like a good friend, the Romance Angels tell you the truth: the best way to have more romance in your life is through attraction, rather than through strenuous effort. You are most attractive when you’re fully enjoying yourself in the present. Your joyful laughter, self-expression, and body language are beautiful!

In contrast, any stress you experience as you strain to find romance pushes against the stream of life. Strain comes from a place of fear, with an underlying worry: “Maybe I won’t receive this!” That fear then attracts the very thing you worry about. Stress creates wrinkles, bodily tension, a constricted voice, and other unattractive characteristics.

So, go smell a rose and fully enjoy its fragrant beauty. Allow yourself simple pleasures that lead to great joy. Affirm frequently that you are loved and lovable. Visualize a wonderful romantic relationship with a great partner. Take excellent care of yourself and follow your inner guidance. Though the Law of Attraction, you’ll draw romantic love to you through your own attractive nature.